About Our Firm

The Right Attorney Makes All the Difference

Have you ever been represented by an attorney before? What was your experience like? Did your experience with that the attorney leave you feeling ‘like a number’ – calls not returned, all your attempts to contact the attorney directly were handled by staff, or you found yourself not understanding what was ‘going on’ because things were not explained sufficiently?  I’ve been there. The good news though is that there really is a difference between different attorneys.


Why Choose My Firm:


There is a big difference in the level of representation you receive from an inexperienced attorney – whether due to a short length of time practicing law or because a law firm handles very few claims of your type (choosing instead to focus on other case types which bring in more money – such as family or criminal law) and the representation you receive from an experienced attorney that focuses exclusively on your type of case.

I have been practicing for 16 years. My sole focus is cases involving injured people. In my years of practice, I have exclusively handled workers’ compensation and personal injury claims (car wrecks, slip and falls, etc.). Although I can answer questions you have about other legal matters, I restrict the types of matters that I personally handle to those involving injuries.

Personal Service and Care:

I went into practicing law in large part because I love to help people. I know it may sound cliche to say it, but there are those rare attorneys that not only take pride in their job, but also take pride in creating lasting relationships. I connect with my clients – with many becoming long term friends.

When you or a loved one is seriously injured, it changes your life – your ability to make money for your family, how you see or feel about yourself, and in so many other ways. My clients may suffer from anything from the annoyance of having to deal with getting proper value of the car that was just mangled by another driver to having deep depression or simply taking care of their daily needs. To me, all of these issues are just as much a part of your ‘claim’ as how much money you receive in the end.

Have no doubt that we will put our experience to work for you and achieve superior results in the vast majority of our cases, but there is more to life than just the money. There is your family, there is the future – where will we go from here? And therein lies the difference. I care. We’re not only going to go for a maximum money recovery, but when your case is done, you can rest assured that we have discussed your future at length and will get you off in the right direction after it is over.

If all your attorney cares about is the money, you simply will not get the fullness of service they could render to you. My stock and trade is not money, it’s people’s lives – I take that responsibility with great conviction.

If you have never experienced this with an attorney, call me. You will see the difference.

– Justice


The Law Office of Justice H. Campbell, P.L.L.C., is a North Carolina licensed personal injury and workers’ compensation firm representing individuals in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area.